Self Monitoring When Selling on Your Own

Selling on your own will still require a plan and oversight just as though your property was being sold professionally. Texas House Buyers: A ‘for sale by owner’ home can be a great buy as there is a discount built in. There’s no commission to be paid to agents and little to no marketing money...

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Flexibility is Your Friend When House Selling

The flexibility you show to your buyers will go a long way toward their confidence in the deal. Rushing makes many buyers nervous as they wonder why you are in such a hurry. New Orleans Real Estate – Slidell House Buyers: The current condition of the real estate market gives sellers good reason to be concerned....

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Selling Your House with Sentimental Value

“You can prepare yourself mentally for the move to make it more tolerable.” How to Sell Your House – Baltimore MD: A house is not just a house, but your home. It’s difficult under any circumstances to leave home for a new one. If you already have a new place to go, explore the area,...

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