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Use Social Media to Help Sell Your House

Use Social Media to Help Sell Your HouseThe selling of a house is no different than selling or giving away other smaller items. Use your lists of social media friends and followers to draw attention to your house for sale.

We Buy Houses – New Orleans: How many times have you or a friend used Facebook to tell all on your list that you have a used, but still in great shape, electronic device that you’re willing to sell? Tweeting a picture of that computer desk that you no longer need seems like a natural thing to do. Surely someone you know will be interested and will come over and take it off your hands.

Why not use all those devices and massive lists of friends and followers to let people know you will be selling your house?

  • Get the word out through any means necessary.
  • It’s also a great way to advertise for free.
  • You have exponential power when you place your house for sale on Facebook complete with pictures.
  • Take a video with a complete tour of the house, the yard, and even the neighborhood if you think that’s a good thing to tout.

Twitter is another avenue that can include links to your YouTube video tour of the property. You can also make nice photo albums and link your tweets to those. It’s not a bad idea to create a webpage if you have the resources to do so, to make a webpage that you can link to that contains all of the pertinent information.

Email everyone on your list with a nice description complete with photos and a video. It is sometimes quite effective to offer your friends a finder’s fee if they lead someone to buy your home. Given the enticement of a quick $50 or $100 dollars or more, they might just think of somebody that is looking for a house.

Another option is to use free ad sites in your area. A home ad for a FSBO house placed on Craigslist or Ebay Classifieds will not only be shown to those locally, but can be easily accessed by those living in other parts of the country that perhaps wish to move to where your house is located, or are investors that buy homes to rent out or re-sell all over the country. Either way, you will be placing your house for sale before multitudes of people in several different avenues of communication.

Perhaps the best part of using social media and electronic free ads is that the ads are absolutely free of charge. Integrate these with some traditional means of listing and you could have your house sold in reasonable time.

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Toxic Mold and the Home Seller

As a seller you must do what you can to remove moldy spots and repair them. We Buy Houses – New Orleans LA: Mold is prevalent in many areas of the country that tend to have a more humid climate. This happens when moisture doesn’t dry out because of the humidity in the air and...

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Impress Potential Buyers with Kitchen Updates

Impress Potential Buyers with Kitchen Updates

“The countertop and the appliances will be where you want to concentrate your efforts.”

Sell House Fast – New Orleans LA: Of all the home improvements you can make before you sell, the kitchen upgrade may be the best. Replace the countertops and upgrade the appliances and you’ll have the buyers’ attention. Granite countertops have made all the real estate news in the last several years. [..read more..]

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Finding a New Home Cross Country

Finding a New Home Cross Country

“Try before you buy would be the idea here. It’s good advice.”

We Buy Houses | New Orleans LA: Moving to a distant location after you sell your house can be an adventure. It’s risky, though, to buy before you get there, as you need time to explore where you want to live. When you move a thousand miles away it’s hard to get the flavor of the new area until you are actually living there. [..read more..]

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Selling in a Sluggish Market

Getting the house sold where you don’t have any choice will require a great deal of effort and creativity on your part. Don’t sell now if you don’t have to, but if you do be clever about drawing attention to your house.

Selling in a Sluggish MarketHouse Selling – Baton Rouge LouisianaThe real estate is currently very sluggish. Homes are not selling in the usual robust manner that they were a decade ago when the economy was very different. Foreclosures, short sales, and those selling before foreclosure catches up with them is making it difficult for the average homeowner to sell these days. The homeowners that need to sell in desperate situations are selling at below market value, banks are auctioning off property at a fraction of the value, and the homeowners that need to get out in a hurry are also selling to investors at below market value.

What is the answer if you are one of those sellers that just need to sell because you are moving, or perhaps your family has outgrown the house you are currently living in. Older Americans are trying to sell for their usual reasons. The family has grown up and they no longer need or want that 4 bedroom home in the family neighborhood.

Is Waiting to Sell Really the Best Option?

Waiting may be the best option if you don’t have to sell right away. Another option may be to go ahead and move closer to the grandchildren but rent out your house to continue getting cash flow from it and paying down the mortgage further until you feel that the market has improved. If your mortgage is already paid off, this could be a great option as you’d have the rent money to use for your new house, while holding on to your current house until the equity builds back up to a reasonable place.

If you are in the position of selling and have no choice, you will need to aggressively study what is selling in your area and try to copy that model. Do what already works, in other words. If houses that are priced at 5% below current market value are selling, then price your house in that way, too. Houses that sell with the offer of a year of yard service or pool cleaning should be a clue to you that you should also offer that.

Where you must be even more diligent about getting the house sold, you should consider offering not only the bonuses that are commonly selling houses, but perhaps adding something even more on top of that. Try offering a home warranty AND a year of lawn maintenance service and you may just blow your competition away for a few hundred dollars.

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